The course focuses on understanding how business professionals use information technologies for fostering innovation in business models and products and services, and collaboration Buy Twitter Followers among professionals, with special emphasis on social media tools and related business models. The course starts introducing main concepts and social media tools, including the mobile revolution and the emergence of cloud computing, explaining how companies are using these tools within different contexts, and preparing students with general skills to take their knowledge further in different situations.

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The course brings theoretical frameworks to understand innovation and knowledge creation and sharing, discussing how digital technologies as a whole and social media in particular have been used by entrepreneurs. Through lectures, presentations and workshops, students explore relevant theories and case studies to understand social media tools, such as social networks, blogs, mini-blogs, mashups, file sharing, wiki tools, forums and virtual communities, reputation tools, social bookmarking etc. Particular attention is given to matching tools and specific content to different business strategies, giving examples related to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, SlideShare, Flickr, Google Maps, YouTube,, Technorati, Amazon and eBay rating systems, among others.

Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Strategy

In this age of the empowered customer, a deliberate and planned approach to social media helps companies keep their fingers on the pulse of what's important to their customers. Companies that embrace social media as a central part of their strategy quickly realize social media is not about pushing out buy twitter account with followers promotional materials to their audience. It's about having collaborative interactions with customers, prospects and even employees - allowing these companies to gain valuable insights, solidify long-lasting relationships and cultivate customer advocates.

Businesses with a strategic approach to social media have a competitive edge. They're tapping into customer information available in social networks, engaging with customers more quickly and robustly than their competitors, building business models that are flexible to accommodate and embrace customer change in near-real time, and leveraging cloud services and automation to give them more time to focus on customer communications.

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